Help us go to the world robotics Olympiad
Hello dear tech lovers and all kinds of supporters! 2 teams from Lebanon (six 16 year olds, three in each team -hey it rhymes!) were listed as finalists in the “World Robot Olympiad” and will be representing the country in 2 different categories. The first team: Robosports (Lebanon for the first time ever!) The second team: Future Innovators => Check their work They competed against 85 countries and 30 different schools in Lebanon, and today they are finalists, competing against several other countries (They did it independently with only the support of the amazing NinjaCo. instructors) => Info Here: The finals are taking place in Germany, City of Dortmund on the 16th of November 2022. Unfortunately, with the degrading economic situation in Lebanon, their families are incapable of financially supporting their trip. Those kids are the future of this country and the innovators that will make Lebanon a tech hub. This will open up for them many scholarship opportunities when graduating highschool and we believe they have a huge chance to win. NinjaCo’s mission is to implement modern computing education in Lebanon and the middle east, all while highlighting the importance of codifying as a constructive hobby that every child needs to adopt with our shifting digital world. And Now we are looking to raise 8000 euros to help all 6 students and a chaperon to travel and represent Lebanon in the finals. If we reach 1600 people each donating maybe only 5 euros, this dream can turn into reality. The deadline to register is on the 8th of october (yes in a couple of days) we want to risk it anyways and we found a way to cover the admission fees. But: Tickets (that are currently extremely expensive), transportation, special cases for their robots and inventions, as well as equipment to finalize their projects, visas and F&Bs are still not covered. On that note, if we don’t reach the 8000 euros but maybe reach only 2600 to support 1 youngster from each team to go and represent their teams (and Lebanon!) would be more than enough. My beautiful people, still residing in Lebanon (if you can) and working expats, if we reach 1600 people donating 5euros each, this dream can turn into reality. Pleaseee spread the word and love. We are looking forward to sharing with you the journey of these youth on NinjaCo’s official instagram page.

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Crowd For Justice - Supporting Green Advocacy
Summary Crowd For Justice - Supporting Green Advocacy in Lebanon HELP US TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT OUR GREEN LANDS WHY ARE WE TAKING ACTION? AND WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? When faced with crises, developing countries often de-prioritize environmental issues and green solutions to issues in favour of providing lifesaving aid, recovery from shocks and improving the resilience of the local population. In Lebanon specifically, the long-lived crises since 1970 have taken their toll on the environment and on the ability of the locals to protect their culture and their natural environment. Hence, Lebanon’s multi-faceted and protracted crises present at this critical period a unique opportunity to demonstrate that solutions to societal, political, economic problems must be initiated with environmentally sound practices. With the deterioration of public services, and the absence of response mechanisms to address environmental issues, GreenAd has set up a response system that addresses issues at local, regional and national levels of governance in Lebanon. WHO WE ARE The Green Advocate (GreenAd) Unit for Lebanon is a grassroot initiative bringing together activists, local non-profits and private firms to present solutions addressing environmental problems nationally, which are scalable and tailored to the complex operating environment in Lebanon. HOW IT WORKS GreenAd relies on the calls put forth by active residents to act in response to rising issues with no clear solution, such as forest fires, illegal deforestation, water contamination and more. This grassroot initiative will pick up on claims made by the local community and respond to the most urgent needs of the local community and affected ecosystem. The second layer of the initiatives takes issues forth to include local advocacy, reporting claims to concerned ministries and working with local governments on mitigation plan. The third layer includes the revision, editing, amendment and suggestion of related laws to offer long-term protection and change. Once the process is completed successful and failing cases will be shared with the public at large to raise social and political advocacy. STAKEHOLDERS OF THE PUBLIC, PRIVATE AND CIVIC (PPC) COOPERATION Socio-Economic Institute for Development (SEID) SEID is a Lebanese NGO operating since 2017, with a mission to provide residents with a better quality of life. This is achieved through sustainable socio-economic development projects that focus on empowering individuals and groups. To achieve sustainable socio-economic change and empower local communities to overcome the barriers posed by the overlapping crises in Lebanon, SEID employs a three-pronged approach, leading to empathetic, tailored and vocal solutions. SEID’s grassroot operation includes outreach for research studies, identifying and fundraising to meet the needs of local communities, and leveraging private sector expertise for the improvement of public service provision. SEID works with renowned law firms, legal researchers, environmental academics and activists, and leverage its widespread outreach network for this initiative. WE HAVE TAKEN ACTION - JOIN US! To cover the cost to take it through to permission, we will need to raise $30,000 with a stretch target of $35,000 to fund the systematization of the alert raising and response process. We have been funding the initial legal and campaign costs through donations from concerned individuals, whilst the team and ecology experts have given their time, expertise, and dedication for free. We believe we are not alone, and that you will help support this truly worthy cause, and that when we are successful the legal decision will help set a precedent that will support other struggling campaigns to protect nature from inappropriate development. This can then be used by other groups to establish good environmental practice in the planning process. We have come so far and strongly believe we have a high chance of success, and we feel we have a responsibility to the many people affected, who care deeply about this proposed tragedy for nature, locally across Lebanon at a time when climate crisis reminds us that we all live in one shared home and every green space matters. WHAT THE FUND WILL BE USED FOR To replicate responses to environmental issues, utilizing the unique collaboration between grassroot activists, private and public sectors allow for a holistic response to environmental issues, to: • Take direct action to meet arising needs at short and medium turns, through grassroot organizations designing and implementing empathetic, innovative, and vocal interventions responding to environmental claims; • Produce legislative suggestions to put in place long-term solutions and accountability practices, and do the necessary legal research to assure direct action is legally covered and compliant with local and international laws; and • Engage with the public and media in response to needs and environmental crises, clear bottlenecks at local and national levels to assure sound implementation of direct actions and advocate for passing of law proposals at parliament. LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER! Please give generously, every donation helps - join us in standing up for nature, for Lebanon and future generations to come. THANK YOU!

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