Family Success Stories

65 Families were helped this Past Christmas thanks to the funds collected!

Basecamp Beirut distributed the following items to 65 families thanks to the funds collected on fundahope:
18 fridges • 14 ovens • 8 microwaves • 18 washing machine • 2 irons • 7 laptops • 2 tablets • 19 beds • 2 heater gas • 120 heaters • 300 blankets • 3 hoovers • 14 TVs • 25 mattresses • 2 electric oven.
Additionally, a Christmas meal was distributed to these families on Christmas eve which made these families enjoy Christmas with a smile!

20,014$ Collected for Lebanese Families Affected by the Beirut Explosion to Help Them Enjoy Christmas

Family Success Stories

600 baskets of Christmas Goodies were distributed to needy families across Lebanon!

The House of Christmas launched a fundraiser its “Sallet el Eid” project, that aimed to fill 600 baskets with Christmas goodies (cookies, Christmas decorated chocolate, buches, marzipan, kamareldine, mlabbas, nuts etc) and distribute them to families in need all over Lebanon.


The campaign was able to collect 7,320$ that were used to make Lebanese families smile this past Christmas!

7,320$ Collected by the House of Christmas to Support the Finance of their Project Sallet El Eid