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Help shelter dogs and more strays get medical care
With the failing economy, many people find it hard to care for their own needs let alone those of animals. Since the start of the corona virus many people dumped their pets and now most shelters are beyond their capacity. Help small NGOs like Refq give their dogs their yearly vaccines and help more dogs in need. Diseases like Rabies, parvo and distemper which are fatal to dogs can be prevented easily. Mange; a terrible skin disease can be treated with proper care as well and many painful accidents can be treated. But it all takes some care and funding. By sharing a small amount, together we can save lives. Nuhad Sheikh Founder of RefQ مع الاقتصاد المثكل والتعب، يجد الكثير من الناس صعوبة في رعاية احتياجاتهم الخاصة ناهيك عن احتياجات الحيوانات. منذ بداية فيروس كورونا ، ألقى الكثير من الناس حيواناتهم الأليفة ، والآن أصبحت معظم الملاجئ فوق طاقتها. ساعد المنظمات غير الحكومية الصغيرة مثل "رفق" في إعطاء كلابهم لقاحاتهم السنوية ومساعدة المزيد من الحيوانات المحتاجة. يمكن الوقاية بسهولة من أمراض مثل داء الكلب والبارفو والنِسَّل القاتلة للكلاب. الجرب (مرض جلدي رهيب) يمكن علاجه بالرعاية المناسبة أيضًا ويمكن علاج العديد من الحوادث المؤلمة. لكن الأمر كله يتطلب بعض الرعاية والتمويل. من خلال مشاركة كمية صغيرة ، يمكننا معًا إنقاذ الأرواح. نهاد شيخ "مؤسسة جمعية "رفق

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Buddha's Pack - Urgent Appeal for Help
Buddha's pack is a boarding and rescue initiative based in Lebanon. It houses over 100 dogs. It is owned by a middle aged lady who works as a one-woman-show. Despite the cumulating crises (economic crisis, Beirut explosion... etc.) leading to difficult/unprecedented times and affecting all sectors of life, she never gave up on any of the dogs under her care, even sometimes at her own expense. Many were abandoned at her doorstep, while others were left there by their rescuers/guardians who were no longer able to afford their boarding and food fees. She ended up having over 60 dogs of her own. Her sole income was from the boarding facility. She had to move from her old location over a year ago because neighbors were bothered by the dogs. However, given the rush that her previous landlords put her in, she had to move to a place that has been causing her problems from day one and is less than ideal. She urgently needs to relocate before winter since the place is not ideal for summer, let alone winter time, and we need your help to achieve this goal and be able to cover the rent of the new location (as well as related construction costs) and the basic needs of the dogs (food, blankets, vaccines, microchips, water, deworming and defleaing pills... etc.). Anyone is welcome to visit tante Pascale's current location and witness her treatment of the dogs with their own eyes. Kindly donate. If you can't donate, share! Thank you in advance! Please, do reach out to us on +961 3 127 650 for more info!

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Stop Bouggie's Cry
I found by coincidence Yorki in the street near my work in 2007. I thought that I would ever love a dog, but Yorki literally changed my Life since then.. A couple of years later, in 2011, Cookie was brought to the family. And with Yorki, Cookie gave birth to Bouggie in 2012. Sadly, in June 2018, Yorki passed away after a long battle with cancer. It was heartbreaking for me. In the beginning of 2019, Bouggie’s behaviour became very weird. He couldn’t move his neck and if someone touched him he would start screaming. This was very unfamiliar because since the day he was born, Bouggie was a hyperactive dog, joyful and very playful. Hence, after taking him to the veterinary in February 2019, Bouggie was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease. The veterinary gave Bouggie anti-inflammatories, and he’s been on them for the last 2 years. However, with time Bouggie’s disk started hardening. This is where, in the beginning of February 2021, and in addition to Bouggie’s constant pain, Bouggie started losing his capacity to walk. So we did the surgery in the beginning of April 2021 ,and Bouggie start walking again. Now before around one month Bouggie start crying and stop walking again . I contacted his doctor so he ask for a new MRI . So when he checked the MRI he said that the disk in the same place . To be honest I didn’t believe what he said . so I took the MRI to another doctor ,and as you can see in the MRI report in the 1st operation they removed a wrong disk c5-c6 , when they should remove c3-c4 as per the MRI report. Now Bouggie as you can see in the video attached to this case can’t walk and keep crying all the time, and need a surgery as soon as possible, and will cost 850USD. In the 1st operation I paid everything MRI, Blood Test ,Operation and medicines when the dollar rate was around 12000 . Now with 25000 lira/USD I paid again MRI ,Blood test and Lecture outside Lebanon for the MRI Pictures to make the comparison between the old and the new MRI. Bouggie is my best friend and I feel that he is a part of my heart ,I can’t see him crying and do nothing but I’m unable to pay the operation cost and the doctor doesn’t make any discount , I should work for around 5 or 6 months to get the operation fees . I need your help to save Bouggie’s life because he stops eating and I feel that I will lost him . If you need any further information or documents I’m ready .You can contact me by WhatsApp 03232998.

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