160,528$ Collected by Farah Habbal for her daughter Mila an SMA patient who needs ZOLGENSMA 

103,094$ Collected by Fadi Nacouzi for baby Aline Makari to do liver transplantation as soon as possible

60,285$ Collected by Together LiBeirut for the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind

51,085$ Collected by Nadim Aziz to help his uncle Nadim walk again

45,475$ Collected by Jean Pierre Eid to help Naji walk again

23,046$ Collected by Lebanese Vegans for the only animal rights and vegan support center of its kind

18,904$ Collected by Ahmad Yassine for his mother to cover her brain tumor surgery cost

15,624$ Collected by Meghterbin Mejtemiin for the SOLAR POWERED LEBANON initiative to help bring power to the country

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Top Campaigns

Donations in LBP will show in the fundraiser goal at the official 15,000 LBP/USD exchange rate


🚨Urgent Marguerite's CAR T Cell Operation 🚨
Dear friends, family, and all concerned about Margerite's case, We want to update you that Margerite's travel date has been rescheduled for Friday, February 23rd. Unfortunately, due to insufficient funds, she was unable to travel for her operation. We are committed to covering all expenses this week. However, we still require $27,000 for the medical expenses incurred at Aubmc, the hospital where she received treatment, and an additional $50,000 for the upcoming operation abroad. Today, Margerite underwent her last chemotherapy session, and the doctors emphasized the urgency of the car T-cell operation scheduled for Friday. This procedure is crucial and the only way to save her life. Your support is vital in ensuring Margerite receives the care she desperately needs. Please consider contributing to her cause. We still need $77,000 to cover all expenses for Marguerite's urgent car T-cell operation. Your financial contribution or sharing of the fundraiser link can make a significant difference. 🙏 Donation Methods: 1. Donate here: https://fundahope.com/campaigns/help-marguerite-fight-cancer 2. For international donations, visit: gofundme.com/f/medical-emergency-support-needed 3. For alternative contributions (OMT, WhishMoney, or cash), please contact: - Eliane Gharios: 71-837877 - Lena Boyajian (Marguerite's Mother): 03-563 447 - Teddy Zadour Khajadourian: 71-258 821 Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting Margerite's journey to recovery. 🌟

$29,470 raised of $77,000


Help Charbel Fight Against Mucoviscidosis- URGENT!
Dear friends and community, I trust this message finds you well. My name is Grace Massaad, and it is with a heavy heart that I share the story of my son, Charbel Abou Tayeh, a 22-year-old young man currently in the hospital battling Mucoviscidosis (Cystic Fibrosis). This life-threatening condition primarily targets the lungs, and the lifeline for Charbel is a medication under the brand name of ‘Trixacar’, a treatment which without, Charbel’s life is on the verge. In Lebanon, the exclusive source for ‘Trixacar’ is ‘Droguerie Phenicia’ and the monthly supply (equivalent to one box) comes with a daunting price of $6,000. Lebanon is facing an unprecedented economic crisis, making essential medicines like ‘Trixacar’ inaccessible to many due to its burdening cost. Our healthcare system is financially underserving, and families, including ours, are navigating the challenges of affording vital chronic medical treatments. To this end, we are turning to you, our extended community, for financial support. Every contribution, however minimal, would bring us closer to ensuring Charbel receives the medication needed to halt Mucoviscidosis progression. We cannot exaggerate how needed your generous contribution is and how critical it is in shaping Charbel’s life. Please consider donating to our Fundahope campaign to help ease the medical expenses. For those who are unable to contribute through this platform, donations can be made through Western Union or WishMoney to Sandra Ablaine Achkar, reachable at +9613200069 It is only through your support that we can ensure Charbel’s access to Trixacar and the only means by which we can have Charbel fight the odds against Mucoviscidosis. We recognize that these times are challenging for everyone, but any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please share this campaign with your network, in hopes of giving Charbel a chance to live a long healthy and happy life. Thank you for your compassion, kindness, and support. Grace Massaad

$7,744 raised of $144,000


“A heart pump is my Lifeline.”
Dear friends, I am reaching out to you today with a heavy heart and a plea for help. My dad, who is only 50 years old, is facing a tremendous battle against his failing heart. His heart muscle is incredibly weak, functioning at a mere 15%. It breaks my heart to see him suffer, knowing that he desperately needs a heart transplant to have a chance at a healthier life. Due to the unavailability of a donor at present and the critical condition of my father, it has been decided to proceed with the placement of a heart pump. LVAD= left ventricular assist device. We are at a crossroads, filled with uncertainty and fear. The weight of this situation is overwhelming, and we are in desperate need of support and assistance. The cost and complexity of the placement of a heart pump are immense, and we cannot face this journey alone. I humbly ask for your help, whether it is through financial contributions, spreading awareness, or connecting us with potential resources. Any assistance, no matter how small, will make a meaningful difference in my dad's life and our family's well-being. Please, let us come together as a community, as friends, and as compassionate human beings. Let us rally around my dad, offering him the hope and strength he so desperately needs. Together, we can make a difference, and together, we can give my dad a fighting chance at a better tomorrow. Thank you from the depths of my heart for your kindness, empathy, and support. Your generosity will forever be engraved in our hearts, and we will be eternally grateful. With love and gratitude, Nathalie Roy Abou Antoun ‼️‼️ The LVAD machine has been secured. We still need $55,000 ‼️‼️

$8,975 raised of $55,000

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Donations in LBP will show in the fundraiser goal at the official 15,000 LBP/USD exchange rate

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After working with Fund a Hope over the past few months, I am happy to say that all of our dealings have been respectful, transparent and followed ethical business practices. The campaign was a success and a great help for our work here.

- Philip Najjar -

I want to thank this platform for the opportunity it gave me to raise funds for my cause. It really helped me and I got positive reviews about it from my donors. I am so glad you are running this website which is helping changing people's lives.

- Rawad Hayek -

Thank you again, it's really nice to have such a friendly platform with a professional team in Lebanon

- Amin Dora -

Proud to have fundahope as a pure Lebanese platform! Good job! 

- Amicale SSCC Ain Najm -

A simple click to donate throughout the world thanks to Fundahope!


We were very happy with the cooperation with Fundahope and will definitely create a new campaign once we have one.

Looking forward to our next fundraising effort!

- Mission Education -

Nous renouvelons nos remerciements pour le support que Fundahope nous a prêté. Leur support continu nous encourage à poursuivre notre engagement et notre mission éducative.

- Ecole du Saint Enfant Jésus - Besançon Baabdath -

fundahope is truly an amazing platform for Lebanese NGOs to reach out to donors locally and internationally - without any redtapes and financial constraints. So, we were able to focus on the cause itself and raise donations in a user friendly manner.


Thank you for a successful partnership - we will always count on you for funding and call for donations!

- Jessica Moufawad - EDGE Executive Director -

Medical Success Stories

Nadim, just at 51 years old, had a life changing experience

This campaign tells the story of Nadim, who experienced a life-altering accident when he fell from a scaffold. As a result, his daily tasks became extremely challenging. Despite facing financial difficulties due to the economic crisis in Lebanon, there was a glimmer of hope when Nadim was approved for a trial treatment in France that could restore his autonomy. However, the cost of the treatment was approximately $140,000. The campaign successfully raised $51,085, which greatly influenced Nadim and his family. Not only did your contributions give Nadim hope, but they also provided hope to a whole community of individuals with special needs, as he was among the first Lebanese people to undergo this operation.

The campaign was able to collect 51,085$

Education Success Stories

Supporting children with special needs

The Acsauvel, a Lebanese NGO, successfully launched a campaign to support children with special needs in Deir Tamish. Despite challenges including delayed government support, the pandemic, and currency devaluation, the campaign has greatly impacted the lives of 125 individuals by providing education, well-being, and support.


Every contribution, whether through donations or sharing the request, was highly valued in making a difference and sustaining the employment of teachers and therapists.

The campaign was able to raise 10,085$

Medical Success Stories

Empowering Nancy to Hear Again

This heartfelt plea for support shares the story of Nancy, who has had hearing issues since childhood. Her parents previously raised funds for her life-changing cochlear implant surgery, but unfortunately, the device has stopped working after over 15 years.


With Nancy's father working abroad and the challenging situation in Lebanon, her family was in desperate need of support.

Contributions, no matter their size, made a significant difference in restoring Nancy's hearing and allowing her to pursue her dreams.

The campaign successfully raised the entire required amount of 5,000$

Sports Success Stories

Mountaineer Rami Rasamny takes on a new record for a cause!

Rami successfully ran from the South to the North of Lebanon, covering 470 Km in 7 days. Additionally, he challenged himself to run up and down Kilimanjaro (5895 km) in 14 hours. This time, he ran for "Mission Lebanon" to support Chef Tina Wazirian with food distribution throughout Lebanon. With your donations, we were able to make that difference!

A total of $7,620 has been raised, surpassing the initial goal of 5,895$

Medical Success Stories

Jean's Medical Expenses

Thanks to the compassionate individuals like yourself and your generous donations, Jean underwent the crucial surgery he desperately needed.

The campaign successfully raised the total amount needed: 4,027$

Emergency Success Stories

Dialysis and ICU for Natasha at AUBMC

Thanks to the urgent campaign, we successfully raised almost the entire amount needed to support the critical condition of a 3-year-old girl at AUBMC - American University of Beirut Medical Center. Dialysis and ICU were required for her treatment. The initial amount needed was $10,000. Natasha was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS).

The campaign was able to raise 9,262$

Sports Success Stories

The 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge!

All Lebanese and Lebanon-lovers around the world were invited to practice the sport of their choice over a minimal target of 19.8 km, lapses, summits, etc.., as the area of Beirut is 19.8 km2


The campaign was able to collect 60,285$!

60,285$ Collected by Together LiBeirut to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind and to raise funds for its ongoing work

Medical Success Stories

Rawad El Hayek: Overcoming Adversity Through a Life-Changing Hearing Aid

Rawad El Hayek, a 24-year-old Lebanese man, was born with a congenital syndrome called "hemifacial microsomia" which resulted in partial facial paralysis and unilateral hearing loss. Throughout his academic and personal life, he faced a lot of challenges due to his hearing loss in his right ear.


In the midst of the worst economic crisis to date in Lebanon, Rawad successfully started a fundahope crowdfunding campaign to implant a bone-anchored hearing aid that would help him regain his hearing sense in his right ear. The campaign was successful in raising the major amount needed for the implant.

The campaign was able to raise 12,525$

Sports Success Stories

The Unbreakable attending the World Championship!

Thanks to fundahope, Shiva "the unbreakable" Karout, a professional Lebanese powerlifter with many international championships under his belt, represented Lebanon in the IPF World Powerlifting Championship in Minsk (Belarus) the past September.

The campaign was able to collect 3,450$

Medical Success Stories

Baby Aline Makari Will Be Able Now To Do Her Liver Transplantation!

Mr. Fadi Nacouzi received the net sum of the goal achieved on fundahope, out of which 85% WERE DELIVERED IN FRESH FUNDS thanks to the international donors.


Baby Aline Makari will be able now to do her liver transplantation. Thank you for saving lives!

66,964$ Collected by Fadi Nacouzi for baby Aline Makari to do her liver transplantation as soon as possible

Medical Success Stories

A New Chance in Life For Baby Mila!

fundahope delivered to Mrs. Farah Habbal the net sum of the goal achieved on fundahope, out of which 93,508$ WERE DELIVERED IN FRESH FUNDS thanks to the international donors.


Thank you for playing a role in saving Baby Mila, and giving her a new chance in life.

160,528$ Collected by Farah Habbal for her daughter Mila an SMA patient who needs ZOLGENSMA