20,014$ Collected by Basecamp Beirut for Lebanese families affected by the Beirut explosion to help them enjoy Christmas.

7,320$ Collected by the House of Christmas to distribute 600 baskets with Christmas goodies.

4,365$ Collected by Patrick Daoud & Lebnene Ele to help 22 families stay in their homes.

7,620$ Collected by Mission Lebanon and mountaineer Rami Rasamni to support Chef Tina Wazirian with food distribution throughout Lebanon.

1,515$ Collected by Walid Jabbour & Mission Lebanon to provide oxygen machines to our homes.

2,323$ Collected by Hussam Kawwas to do a surgery for baby Adam called Selective Dorsal Rizothomy (SDR)

1,873$ Collected by Baytna Baytak to provide healthcare workers with apartments & hotel rooms.

10,522$ Collected by Lebanese Vegans for the only animal rights and vegan support center of its kind.

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Top Campaigns

Donations in LBP will show in the fundraiser goal at the official 1,500 LBP/USD exchange rate


Save The Grand Factory
We call ourselves Factory People because it has always been about the people. The people on the dancefloors, or the people who work so hard to keep that dancefloor pumping. Ever since the pandemic hit Lebanon, we have put all our focus on keeping our team safe and sound. Despite COVID-19 being exceptionally hard on our industry, we were able to maintain a family of 170 hard-working dreamers, each with their own families to support. We did so during the toughest economic conditions, that have affected all businesses. Yet, we managed to keep going and looking ahead to the time when our doors can open again. Then August 4, 2020 happened, and the explosion at the port, hundreds of meters away from AHM and The Grand Factory, left the clubs completely destroyed, our offices heavily damaged, and left us without a chance of having even the smallest of gatherings anytime soon. After that heinous crime, we cleaned up what we could at the clubs and closed our doors. Our team, like everyone else in the country, descended to the streets to stand with our people and to help each other out as much as we can. In December of last year, we were strongly against operating in any viable venue in the midst of our country combating a pandemic, and our doors remained closed. Today, we believe that Beirut deserves the chance to dance again, and to rebuild a place where we shared some of our favorite memories. We need your help to do that. We started a fundraiser to rebuild The Grand Factory and support our community of artists so we all, hopefully, come back stronger than ever. Local donations are not necessary, we're all going through this together We've also included some rewards for your contributions as a token of appreciation from Factory People that include Free Entrance and some draws for artist merchandise. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to never forget about what happened on August 4th, and never stop talking about Beirut. It warms our hearts to see all of your messages of support around the world, and we promise we won't rebuild without putting up a fight, we're carrying on our mission to create and foster communities through arts, music and culture, we'll have some more news for you in the coming weeks. Stay safe and see you soon. Thank you for helping Save The Grand Factory Rewards Information and Disclaimer: 1- By deciding to donate while showing your first and last name (anonymous option unticked), you authorize fundahope to share your first name, last name and e-mail address with The Grand Factory for rewards and special offers (e.g., free entrance, draws participation for artist merchandise) 2- Rewards’ management is solely handled by the Grand Factory and is out of fundahope’s scope

$17,016 raised of $250,000


Urgent Help for Teta Wafaa
Teta Wafaa, 63 years old, had a stroke a month ago, and she went in Coma for 3 weeks , after she wake up but unfortunately she's is Paralyzed and no longer able to move or talk. She need a long Physiotherapy Treatment and care , She's Now at Geitawi Hospital and need to be moved to Bhannes Hospital asap . The Geitawi Hospital Claimed 22 millions LBP (or 2500$ ) Until Now m and the Bhanness Hospital needs 10 Millions LBP in advance before . Her family are in very Bad Ecomomic Situation and her Home in Mar Mkhael was Destroyed in Beirut Explosion . I know the amount is a lot, but we can’t help. and thank you from the heart ❤🙏 امرأة عجوز عمرها 63 سنة عملت جلطة بالدماغ من شي شهر او اكتر شوي وراحت كوما شي جمعتين وبس وعيت انشلت وما عادت قادرة لا تتحرك ولا تحكي وهلق عالعلاج والعلاج الفيزيائي وبحاجة يومياً لحفاضات ، وطلبوا نقلا من مستشفى الجعيتاوي لمستشفى بحنس لتكمل علاجا ، والمفروض تضهر الاثنين والمستشفى بدها فرق وزارة 22 مليون ، وانا رحت شخصياً عالمستشفى وطلبت منن ورقة بالمبلغ المطلوب بس رفضوا انو تنعطى الورقة قبل تسكير المبلغ ، ومستشفى بحنس طلبت 10 ملايين ليرة قبل ما ينقلوها لفوق والعيلة وضعا صعب جداً راح بيتن بمار مخايل بانفجار المرفأ وكنا عم نساعدهن بالادوية والمواد الغذائية .. بعرف المبلغ كتير كبير , بس نحنا قديش منقدر نساعد بيكون كتير منيح ، اللي قادر يساعد يتواصل معي عالواتساب 03359092 وشكراً من القلب ❤🙏

$610 raised of $5,000


Help us support ending period poverty in Lebanon
The aim of this campaign is to support 50 women in vulnerable conditions by providing them with sanitary pads at reduced prices every month for one year. We will supply the sanitary pads to Therese for free, allowing her to sell them for the vulnerable women of the neighborhood at her Dekkéne in Gemmayze, at a subsidized price, and benefit herself from the profits in order to help her support the 3 families she’s responsible for. Reaching our target will allow us to support other small grocery shop owners like Therese. As a result of the economic crisis that hit Lebanon, the decimation of household incomes and hyperinflation of prices, a 500% increase in sanitary products has limited 66% of adolescent girls living in Lebanon from buying sanitary pads, and the percentage is still in increase. Families with reduced income are now forced to prioritize how they spend their tight budgets, women and girls from all backgrounds have suddenly found themselves struggling to purchase the items they need. A lack of education around periods means women and girls are more likely to turn to unsanitary, and potentially dangerous methods of coping with their periods when sanitary products are out of reach such as using newspapers, torn pieces of clothes, or even cardboards which could result in severe infections. NO WOMAN SHOULD CHOOSE BETWEEN FEEDING HERSELF AND HER FAMILY AND BUYING SANITARY PADS. Donate now and help us support girls and women in need across Lebanon to end period poverty.

$2,003 raised of $5,000


La maisonette de Tanya بيت ستات البيوت
لا يغيب عن أحد منا خطورة الوضع الذي يمر به اللبنانيون من جراء الازمات التي يمر بها لبنان بدء من البطالة، وارتفاع سعر الدولار وانقطاع بعض السلع الاساسية وارتفاع اسعارها الى تداعيات الحجر وازمة انقطاع الادوية مؤخرا إضافة الى انفجار بيروت وتداعياته على جميع الأصعدة. ومع تفاقم ازمة كورونا وتمديد الحجر، اكتشفنا ان الكثير من الحاجات الاساسية المهمة لاستمرار عيش اغلب زملائنا واصحابنا بكرامة بظل الظروف الراهنة لم تعد متوفرة بسهولة في منازلهم بالرغم من دعمنا ودعم مؤسسات أخرى منذ سنة واكثر حتى اليوم . لذلك قررت انا والبعض من زملائي وتلاميذي واصحابي ان نلبي طلب السيدات الملح بالمبادرة بمشروع "بيت ستات البيوت"، تحت اسم La maisonnette de Tanya " الذي يحمل اسمي لانني سأتواجد فيه كل الوقت واحمل رسالته ومسؤوليته على عاتقي ‎هو بيت ستقصده سيدات أصبحن فجأة غير قادرات على المحافظة على تأمين الخدمات الاساسية لعائلتهن، مثل الغسيل والطهو وغيرها. في "بيت ستات البيوت"، ستتمكن هؤلاء السيدات من: - جلب الثياب والحرامات والمناشف للغسيل واستعمال غسالة ونشافة تنشف وتعقم الثياب وهكذا تأخد السيظة الغسيل ناشف ومعفم وحاضر للاستعمال الفوري. وهكذا تكون السيدة تمكنت من تأمين مستوى النظافة التي اعتدن عليها واصبحت عبئ في ظل تكلفة مساحيق الغسيل وانقطاع الكهرباء وغلاء الاشتراك بالمولدات وخاصة في ظل الطقس الذي لا يساعد على تأمين ثياب ناشفة دائما في الوقت المناسب او غياب مناشر تستوعب كمية ونوعية الغسيل في اغلب البيوت . - ستستفيد ست البيت في الوقت الذي تنتظر فيه انتهاء الغسالة والنشافة من الطبخ، باستخدام الحبوب والمعكرونة والخضار التي تكون بحوزتها او التي سنوفرها لها من الحصص الغذائية التي تصلنا إضافة الى عدة المطبخ ومستلزماته بما فيها الغاز والفرن والمكونات من بهارات وزيوت ورب وبصل وثوم ولحمة او دجاج. كما ويمكنها طهو " المونة " او بعض الحلويات البسيطة مثل الكيك او الكعك. وهكذا تأخذ الست معها طبختين او ٣ ويمكنها ان تترك لنا بعض الحصص من وجباتها لنوزعها على بعض الاشخاص الذين يعيشون بمفردهم وليس بمقدورهم الطبخ او الحصول على وجبات ساخنة تتلائم مع مشاكلهم الصحية. "بيت ستات البيوت" سيؤمن ايضاً فرصة لكل سيدة تحاول ان تعتاش من منتوجاتها أن تتمكن من عرضها وبيعها، مثل المونة والاشغال اليدوية والتطريز والصابون الحرفي او بضاعة من المتجر الذي اضطرت هي او احد افراد عائلتها لإغلاقه بسبب الازمة الاقتصادية. كما يمكن لاي سيدة لا تملك مهارات خاصة ان تبيع من اغراضها التي هي شبه جديدة من الاكسسوار التي لم تعد بحاجة لها كالجزادين والثياب والهدايا او كتب او افلام او قطع اثاث صغيرة. هذا المشروع يحترم معايير السلامة والوقاية من كورونا اذ ان تواجد السيدات سيتنظم وفق مواعيد سابقة. وفي حال لم يكن بإمكان أي سيدة ان تترك اولادها مع أحد يمكن ان يرافقها أولادها الى "بيت ستات البيوت" حيث نؤمن لهم الانترنت مجاناً ليدرسوا اونلاين وصالة مخصصة لهم فيها كتب والعاب تربوية للمطالعة واللعب وتمضية الوقت بطريقة مفيدة دون ازعاج والدتهم لتتمكن من انهاء مهامها . نسعى في مشروع "بيت ستات البيوت" الى تأمين منزل حقيقي لسيداتنا والتخفيف من همومهم اليومية وتكاليفها المرتفعة. ولتحقيق هذا الهدف، نحن بحاجة الى تأمين كلفة تجهيز المنزل وفواتير الكهرباء والمياه، والى مساحيق تنظيف ومكونات للطبخ وهذا ما سنؤمنه بفضل دعمكم لنا بإذن الله ... ان جميع مساهماتكم وان كانت صغيرة ستساعدنا على سد الحاجات خاصة مساهمة المغتربين منكم التي سوف تساعدنا كثيراً بسبب فرق العملة. ‎على أمل ان تكونوا من اسرة "بيت ستات البيوت" وان تشعروا بأن ما نطرحه هو وليد حاجة ملحة طلبتها ستات البيوت ولمستم واقعها مما ترونه على وسائل الاعلام او من المقربين منكم او ربما تمرون بها انتم . نطلب من ربنا ان يحميكم من اي اذى على كل الاصعدة وخاصة الصحة. ولأي توضيح او تفاصيل يمكنكم التواصل معي على رقمي الخاص 03458198. شكرا سلف. Since one year and few months a lot of Lebanese became without any income mainly because of the economic and political crisis in Lebanon, the lockdown of covid-19, the damage caused by Beirut explosion and the rate of the dollar and the Lebanese pound value which increased the prices of the vital products and services. Therefore, many housewives are struggling to provide their vital needs and to do their everyday housework, such as cooking and laundry, mainly because of the expensiveness of the ingredients to assume these services and their heavy load that affect them to accomplish these tasks actually in many houses. They are also trying hard to take their families in charge by producing handmade items or by selling their old clothes, bags , accessories and their children books or DVDs or some furniture. This is why we came up with this project. “La maisonnette de Tanya” in my name because i will be handling it all the time on my own . It will be a place that will allow many housewives to visit it and benefit from its services for free in order to finish their vital housework. This house will be equipped with a washing and drying machine, allowing the ladies to do their laundry and dry it for free. While waiting the washing machine to finish her task they will also be able to use the kitchen, with all needed equipment such as oven, gas, spices, oil ,sauces, oignon garlic some vegetables meat or chicken, to cook healthy meals or to do their “mouneh”, or some cookies like cake or jam either by using their own ingredients or by using ingredients that we will offer them from the food boxes we recieve. They will give us also some healthy meals that we will distribute for the elders whom are not able to have meals everyday. “La maisonnette de Tanya” will also allow ANY lady to display and sell her items and products, that could be “mouneh” or handmade items that they created such artisanal soap or any handcraft item or any item able to be selled from anything she can sell as second hand item at a good condition and price . So the supporter and herself will benefit from this item . The house will definitely be safe for these ladies as we are respecting precautionary measures because the ladies and the supporters will visit the house upon a prior appointment in my presence insisting on all measures of protection such wearing masks and washing their hands and desinfecting everything after using it and respecting distance between us . In addition to this, housewives who cannot ensure a baby sitting for their children can bring them to the house, where we will provide internet for them to do their online studies, in addition to a special room furnished with books and educationnal games where they can have a quality time to let their mom finish quietly her task. In order to accomplish this mission, we are collecting the money in order to pay the house rent (in US dollars), the bills for electricity, water, gas internet and the ingredients for cooking and the detergents. Every single pound counts, thank you in advance for being a member of this family , for your generosity, compassion and support! May god bless you and protect you from any harm .

$250 raised of $3,000


Help Jessy's Family
🔴 نداء انساني عاجل 🔴 صراحة مش عارف من وين او بمين بدي بلش 😞 بالبنت الصغيرة، بالأم، بالجد ولا بالست؟ وصلني مساج من مدام عم تسال عن دوا اذا موجود ومستحيى تطلبوا، وانا وعم بحكيها لأستفسر شوفوا ملا وضع عايشتو .. جيسي مرا مطلقة وعندا بنت عمرا 13 سنة وعايشة مع اما وبيا بأدونيس بغرفة عالسطح سقف اترنيت، كانت المعيلة الوحيدة لعيلتها قبل ما تتدهور حالتها الصحية وتبطل تقدر حتى تقوم وبدا مين يساعدها. الوضع المعيشي : عدم - السكن عبارة عن غرفة صغيرة سقف اترنيت كل ما شتت الدني بتطوف عليهن فيها حمام بلا باب ومطبخ متر بمتر - لا يوجد غاز وكان في ماكروايف فقعت من شي شهرين - قدرنا امنالهن دفاية صغيرة - موتور الكهرباء 120 الف شهرياً وصارو مكسورين على 4 اشعر ومهددن يقطعوا وما فيهن بلا كهرباء كرمال مكنات الاوكسيجين - مواد غذائية ومواد تنظيف عم نجرب قد ما فينا نقدر نأمنلن او بيضلوا بلا اكل - الدكانة صار بدها منهن 865 الف وعم بيطالبهن ولنو بقسم - ما في انترنت بالبيت والبنت الصغيرة ما عندا لا لابتوب ولا ايباد بتنزل كل يوم عند الجيران لتلقط wifi وتتدرس اونلاين وبحاجة لقرطاسية دفاتر واقلام - ولتكمل جارتهن اللي تحتن رفعت عليهم دعوة بدها تهد الغرفة اللي عالسطح بحجة انو عم بيصير في نش والمحامي بدو مليون ليرة - البنت بالمدرسة وقفولا الاونلاين لأنو مش دافعا القسط المكسور جربنا نحكي معن قبلو انو يندفع التسجيل 350.000 بالأول ليرجعوا يخلوها تتعلم والباقي بيتقسطوا وقيمتهن 3 مليون ليرة الوضع الصحي للأربعة اشخاص بحاجة لأدوية بكلفة 800 الف تقريباً شهرياً الأم : - عايشة عالاوكسيجين عندها مكنة اجارها بالشهر 125 الف ليرة (بعدو عالقديم ) بحاجة شهرياً ل 3 غالون مي مقطرة للمكنة سعر الواحد33 الف أي 99 الف بالشهر - عندها تكسر بالدم ، كل شهر بحاجة لكيسين دم تعلقهن وفحص دم شهري بيكلف 180 الف - من فترة لقطت فيروس من المستشفى بالمعدة والمصران اللي وقف قسم منو واضطرت تعمل عملية كبيرة لشالو هيدا القسم ، هلق معدتها رجعت عم بتعاود وقدرنا بفضل التبرعات انو نعملها صورة ملونة 550 الف وتبين معن بس كانو عم يعملوها انو بالعملية شايلينها المرارة وما معا خبر وعم بتسببلا بأوجاع كتيرة وبحاجة لعلاج - عندها وجع بضهرا ما عم تقدر تتحرك بحاجة ل IRM بكلفة 800 الف - اسنانها عم يتكسروا ونيرتها عم تنزف دم الحمدالله في دكتور عم بيعالجها الالتهابات بالنيرة عحسابو الابنة : البنت عمرا 13 سنة عملت هي وزغيرة مرض Purpura تفقيع عروق الدم بكل الجسم وعلى اساس صحت منو ، هلق رجع عم ببين عالركب باجريها وقلا الحكيم انو اذا تطور او زاد ممكن يصير في شلل لا سمحالله وضروري ينعمل IRM بيكلف 800 الف ( قدرنا عملناه ) وتبين انها بحاجة لجلسات فيزيائية وعلاج بالابر، والبنت بتاخد ادوية حديد لأنو دما كتير واطي الجدة : الجدة عندا مشكلة بالمبولة متضخمة وطالعة لبرات جسما هي وبيت الرحم ولازملا صورة مستعجلة وفحوصات دم بيكلفوا 366000 وعندا Echo للقلب لأنو عندا صمام عم بينفس بيكلف 404000 وبتاخد عدة ادوية وبدها حق كشفية حكيم القلب وحكيم المسالك البولية اللياكيد لازم تعمل عملية مستعجلة الجد: الجد عامل عملية بالقلب من فترة وعندو كمان كذا دوا والحمدالله كل الادوية مقطوعة لكل حدا قادر يساعد بشو ما كان ، ان كان بشي بسيط من حق الفحوصات والصور او بالأدوية او بمواد غذائية يتواصل معنا عالرقم 03359092 وشكراً للكل من القلب ❤️🙏

$307 raised of $2,000

Top Permanent Fundraisers

Donations in LBP will show in the fundraiser goal at the official 1,500 LBP/USD exchange rate
Khayar: To empower Lebanese students
We aim to support Lebanese students, all around the world, during these devastating times. Khayar is a community-based platform that engages with students in a global network, bringing together bright minds for a brighter future. How did Khayar come about? In 2019 political instability, wide-spread corruption, and an orchestrated Ponzi scheme caused Lebanon’s fragile economy to collapse. Today between a plummeting Lira and unlawful capital controls set by banks, thousands of Lebanese students pursuing degrees around the globe and at home are at risk of having to terminate or forfeit their education. Even though Lebanon is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Lebanon is far from any form of proper application with regard to Article 26; the universal right to education and human development. In a social culture where the youth find their education deeply intertwined with political clientelism, most parents and students say “Ma ma’ae Khayar tene” meaning “I have no other Choice”. Khayar was organized with the intent of empowering a generation growing up in Lebanon’s most devastating economic period and liberating their right to education from the shackles of political influence . Khayar, a choice, is what each and every student needs right now. Ambitious dreams, proper education, and the achievement of one's highest ambitions are only found once the required assets are in place to ensure that equal opportunity is available to all citizens of the state. “When you educate one person, you can change a life; when you educate many, you can change the world” Please visit the Khayar website for more information: https://khayar.me/



Ecole du Saint Enfant Jésus - Besançon Baabdath
Notre école, École du Saint Enfant Jésus - Besançon Baabdath, est un établissement catholique, francophone, qui appartient à la Congrégation des Sœurs de la Charité de Sainte Jeanne-Antide Thouret (Besançon). Notre école est une ONG qui compte environ 700 élèves, encadrés par près de 70 enseignants et membres du personnel administratif. C’est un lieu qui offre un espace d’apprentissage dans un climat positif, et dont le but est de répandre le savoir, de développer le savoir-faire, et de cultiver le savoir – être, le tout dans le rayonnement de la charité et du Charisme de sa fondatrice. Dotée d’un historique riche et fécond, notre école est ancrée dans l’histoire de Baabdath et a su manifestement évoluer au fil des années. Depuis 1906 et jusqu’à nos jours, elle accueille les élèves, les « trésors » comme les appelle Ste Jeanne-Antide, de la maternelle jusqu’aux classes terminales. Filles et garçons sont formés aux valeurs humaines, spirituelles, sociales et religieuses. Ils suivent le programme libanais, bénéficient d’un enseignement trilingue à partir de la Petite Section, et tirent profit de l’enseignement des nouvelles technologies sans pour autant négliger le sport et les arts qu’ils pratiquent au quotidien. À l’école du Saint Enfant Jésus – Besançon Baabdath, nous veillons à garder un esprit évangélique marqué par la joie d’apprendre, de découvrir, et de développer la créativité et les activités pour que chaque élève puisse faire fructifier au mieux son potentiel et ses dons. Par-dessus tout, nos élèves appartiennent à une grande famille qui les aide à s’épanouir et surtout à vivre. Or, depuis octobre 2019, notre école, tout comme notre pays, vit au rythme des crises. Nous nous trouvons dans l’incapacité de pourvoir aux besoins croissants du fonctionnement de l’établissement, d’alléger le fardeau qui pèse sur les parents des élèves d’une part, et de continuer à respecter nos engagements vis-à-vis du personnel éducatif qui s’investit à merveille dans l’enseignement à distance d’autre part. En effet, dans cette situation inédite que traverse le Liban, 50% des parents de nos élèves deviennent chômeurs, ou mi- chômeurs avec un demi- traitement, et se trouvent dans l’impossibilité de verser la totalité de l’écolage. C’est pour ces raisons-ci que notre école se tourne vers les amis et les bienfaiteurs, pour solliciter leur solidarité de façon à poursuivre ensemble la mission d’éducation qui est celle de Besançon-Baabdath et que le flambeau de la connaissance, de la vie et de la foi continue à éclairer les yeux de nos élèves, de tous nos élèves sans exception. Une vidéo qui présente l’école avant le Covid-19 est disponible sur le lien suivant : https://youtu.be/O3I0_OFoP-I -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our school, Saint Enfant Jésus - Besançon Baabdath, is a Catholic, French-speaking school, which belongs to the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Jeanne-Antide Thouret (Besançon). It is an NGO that counts around 700 students, guided by 70 teachers and administrative staff approximately. The school is a place that offers a learning environment in a positive climate. It aims at spreading knowledge, developing the know-how and encouraging life skills under the influence of charity and the charisma of its founder. The rich and fruitful history of our school is deeply rooted in the history of Baabdath and it has visibly evolved through the years. Since 1906 to this day, it has welcomed students, « treasures » as St Jeanne Antide calls them, who fill the classes from Kindergarten to the senior classes. Boys and girls are acquainted with human, spiritual, social and religious values. They follow the Lebanese programme, benefit from a trilingual education since KG1, and take advantage of the instruction of the new technologies, not to mention all kinds of sports and arts they practice on a regular basis. At Saint Enfant Jésus - Besançon Baabdath, we remain vigilant in maintaining an evangelical spirit, characterised by the joy of learning, discovering, and developing creativity and activities, so each student can best grow and further his potential and his skills. Above all, our students belong to one big family that helps them flourish, and most of all, live. However, since 2019, our school, just like our country, has been living by the rhythm of the different crises. We find ourselves unable to provide for the growing needs that the running of the school requires, lighten the load on the parents’ shoulders on the one hand, and fulfil our commitments towards the teaching staff, who are doing wonders in distance learning, on the other hand. Actually, in this unprecedented situation that Lebanon is going through, 50% of our students’ parents have become unemployed or are just earning half pay, which makes it impossible for them to cover their children’s school fees. Those are the reasons that drive our school to seek the help of its friends and benefactors. We appeal to their solidarity, to pursue together the educational mission of Besançon- Baabdath, so the torch of knowledge, life and faith will always light the eyes of our students, all of our students without exception. A video presenting the school before Covid-19 is available at the following link: https://youtu.be/O3I0_OFoP-I



The House of Christmas
The House of Christmas NGO – Overview Brief: The House of Christmas (‘HOC’) was set up by a group of Lebanese professionals living locally and globally to support families living in financial distress across Lebanon, in their various needs: food and basic needs, decent livelihood, housing, medical services, education and legal support. Our first fundraising event was held in December 2017 at the House which turned, for a day, into a proper Christmas market with gifts, kid’s activities, a food court, and a proper spirit of charity, solidarity and compassion to help alleviate the pain, inequality and poverty in Lebanon. Since then, HOC organized several fundraising initiatives; and our network of families has grown exponentially. HOC operates solely on a voluntary basis and is run by a team of dedicated individuals with similar values and common purpose. Mission Statement - Reaching out to families in need across Lebanon to help them regain their dignity and achieve sustainability in their lives. - Providing targeted support to stabilize and strengthen livelihoods Vision Supporting, inspiring, and rebuilding our Lebanese community, family by family. Latest interventions: Following the August 4th blast, HOC is leading the Livelihood interventions within the togetherliBeirut campaign by supporting small businesses in a targeted and sustainable way and by restoring heritage buildings housing vulnerable families and local businesses. www.togetherlibeirut.org



Beit El Baraka
Beit el Baraka is a Lebanon based charity with a support program that assists decent Lebanese families living in strong financial distress. We are trying to restrain the fall into poverty of a disappearing middle class. Our Mission is to ensure dignity to hard working Lebanese citizens by assisting them in their struggle with the increasing cost of living. In a spirit of respect and support, we give them access to food, decent livelihood, medical services and education. Our Vision is a Lebanon where families can live a secure, valued and respectable life with access to social security, education and retirement pensions for all. Due to the lack of measures and lack of government support addressing this alarming situation, we felt the dire need to step in, and protect the lebanese family, all the while empowering youth, and women. To date, our database of beneficiaries comprises 226,000 people in need A glance at our 4 services: 1. Decent housing: We refurbish the homes of our beneficiaries in order to provide decent living standards. We also settle unpaid bills (rent, electricity and water) for families of retirees. Our impact: We are rehabilitating 3,011 homes and 320 small businesses devastated by the explosion. Our level our intervention covers the complete rehabilitation of structurally damaged homes and is done in very close collaboration with the Lebanese Army and the United Nations. 2. Medical support: Our medical support program fully covers treatment and medicine needs for our members. Our impact: We have 682 patients being treated for cancer, dialysis, diabetes, arthritis, glaucoma, osteoporosis, cataract, macular degeneration, and cardiovascular diseases; we also cover dental, hearing aids and prosthesis surgeries. 3. A free supermarket: In February 2019, we opened an elegant free supermarket based on a system of points which makes our members feel they are "shopping", not seeking charity. Giving someone the freedom of choice means giving them dignity. Our impact: We put food on the table of 226,000 people in need from all over Lebanon. And we have been vetted by international FMCG corporations such as P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Henkel, Pepsi, Danone... And in order to sustain our food aid program, we decided to launch our agrofarming project. The sequential governments that impoverished Lebanon had no vision of a sustainable productive nation. Lebanon imports 80% of its food, and produces less than 10% of its needs in grains. And with no access to foreign currency, the risk of food shortage is now very high. Therefore, we have invested in agriculture and we are growing grains, vegetables and fruits. We also built a farm of sheep, cows and chickens, and 100 beehives for organic honey. Our impact: We are able to launch our own line of food products, create jobs that empower women in rural areas, cater to thousands of beneficiaries, and offer them healthy fresh produce. By offering fresh organic produce, our beneficiaries's health improves and consequently, our medical fees are reduced. In all our food bags and food boxes distributed all across Lebanon, we insert leaflets on which is written in arabic: "Nutrition is a human right, and should never be used as a tool to yield votes". 4. Education We want to instill hope in children so they know it is possible to achieve what and who they aspire to become. We are paying tuitions, buying laptops and installing internet in students' homes. Our impact: supporting 3,095 families to allow their children to continue their education. We have set up a micro loans program to assist the most talented graduates in launching their own start ups in Lebanon, and thus create jobs. We've also set up a psychological support unit for adults and children by partnering with specialised Swiss therapists. Some affected people are particularly unable to cope with the scope of the tragedy and can easily develop PTSD and bad coping mechanisms. We cover the entire lebanese territory: 42% Greater Beirut, 28% South Lebanon, 30% North Lebanon. Our major achievement remains our ability to keep our overheads at 2% of the total budget, proving how keen we are on optimizing every donation. We are regularly audited and our numbers are published on our website. Beit el Baraka is a Lebanon based charity registered in Beirut by decree number 2277 and a 501(c)3 status- Beit el Baraka USA, handled by the global law firm Morgan Lewis.



Association Justice et Misericorde (AJEM)
AJEM Association Justice and Mercy, AJEM, was founded in 1996, our main concern is inhuman detention conditions. We are an NGO that is non-profit, apolitical and non-confessional. We are mainly concerned with the respect of human rights, the fight against torture and cruel treatments and the work for the abolition of capital punishment. Our team scope of work includes: -Social and psychological support to prisoners, ex –prisoners, drug-users and Homeless -men. (We conduct awareness sessions and provide therapy for prevention, mentoring, rehabilitation and post release- monitoring, we publish cases studies, quantitative and comparative studies.). -Legal counseling (We provide free individual legal counseling for prisoners in places of deprivation of freedom and follow-up on legal cases and files of prisoners who cannot hire a lawyer, we raise awareness about important legal topics relevant to the detainees needs). - Medical support (Advise prisoners on hygiene and arrange prisons to support the development and preservation of the hygiene of the places, we provide medication…)-Social and psychological support to prisoners, ex –prisoners, drug-users and Homeless -men. (We conduct awareness sessions and provide therapy for prevention, mentoring, rehabilitation and post release- monitoring, we publish cases studies, quantitative and comparative studies.). - Education (Training and language lessons and cultural /sports activities) -Research and development (To increase knowledge and improve practices in several areas such as health, legal and social…) Our Head office is located in Antelias, and a reception center facing Roumieh central prison in addition to the Ajem Rabieh shelter (ARS) at Rabieh where former detainees and drug users are offered to live before being reintegrated into society. AJEM’s Opioid Substitution Treatment Program (OST) first launched in 2012 within the Harm Reduction Program receive patients currently at the Rabieh Shelter. The OST program’s main aim is to reduce the harm of drug misuse, such as the risk of transmitting blood-borne infections from injecting needles and sharing injection kits, by offering a substitution treatment for opiate-dependent people, over 18, who have suffered from multiple relapses and failed to remain abstinent. The program is offered in collaboration and under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon where beneficiaries can be treated and supported to remain healthy and achieve psychosocial stability.



Empower Lebanon's Children & Youth
Hello dear reader, As we're all aware by now, Lebanon is overwhelmed with problems and corruption on top of the pandemic. The only way to inspire positive social change and raise back again is through educating and empowering the Lebanese children and youth. Yet, the education system has always been in great need of upgrades and the sudden online learning shift has made matters worse. Lebanese parents are not able to afford quality education for their children who are left confused and frustrated with extremely low hopes for the future along with severe socio-emotional wellbeing levels. Scorehub is an innovative social and emotional learning and capacity-building hub focusing on education and entrepreneurship matrix. We serve students, educators, parents, schools, NGOs, and forward-thinking business leaders across MENA with a wide range of programs, resources and empowerment. • We create future change champions through our Very own academic reinforcement and not an ‘afterschool’ concept: (high-dosage tutoring (HDT)) with over 50 subscribed, happy, and empowered learners from across the Middle East who we not only help ACE in academics but develop character, skills, confidence, and independence to SUCCEED IN LIFE too! Check out our latest Role-play video on Instagram! • We are known for our innovation and holistic approach and treatment to education, our edupreneurship and eduployment programs help individuals realize their full potentials with (psycho-social support), capacity building (social entrepreneurship and career path), home family coaching, and (languages center) among other incredibly innovative and powerful technologically integrated programs and activities. See what our interCHAMPs talk about us! • We are launching a groundbreaking online school concept across MENA in partnership with Finnish Schools International; the most creative, personalized, and real-life world education as featured on world-famous, Forbes Magazine, based on a global Finnish curriculum inspired by Finland’s renowned #1 education system in the world by Spring 2021. Watch this video created by the students and teachers of the Finnish International School of Kosovo! • We reiterate our commitment towards advancing the progress in the 2030 agenda of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and we spare no opportunity #infavor of supporting initiatives toward advancing the stand of Lebanon vise vise sustainable and economic development! It breaks our hearts and burdens our souls every time we get in touch with Lebanese parents or children who are not being able to receive education of high quality and to be able to pursue their potentials in life; and ultimately, grow up into confident, self-aware, independent, and empowered change champions. We believe it's our responsibility to make a positive impact and allow as many Lebanese children as possible to receive the personalized academic, interpersonal, social, emotional, psychological, cognitive, and intellectual support they need. We wish to enroll more Lebanese children and youth in our innovative eduployment and edupreneurial programs to allow them adopt the entrepreneur and business mindset and advocate for social entrepreneurship; developing problem-solving and leadership skills to lead their Lebanese peers into prosperity. More importantly, the Lebanese children and youth now more than ever are in great need for someone who gets them and helps them be more aware of the situation we're all going through so that they'd be able to rise above anything they might encounter throughout their lives. We also like to keep learning fun, fun, and proactive. Let's do this! For that dear reader, any amount no matter how small or big it may be to donate for our cause. It surely will make a difference in our children and youth's lives. We will be sharing the progress and stories of inspiration and hope as we move further in this journey. Thank you for your support. Please share this donation page with your contacts. Stay safe. With lots of passion, love, and purpose, Scorehub team



Sponsor a Family in need with Bassma
Bassma is a Lebanese non-profit association for social development, founded in 2002 (178A/D), which aims to empower deprived families and help them become self-sufficient. Families are recruited based on their needs, without any political or religious discrimination. The association works closely with the families in need, puts in place a Personalized Reintegration Plan for each family, and follows-up thoroughly on the development of each Plan. The family Reintegration Plan covers basic needs (e.g., food, clothing), education support (e.g., tutoring, a Night School Program), medical and mental health assistance (e.g., hospitalization, psychological counseling), and housing assistance (e.g., rental fees support, home renovations). BASSMA has supported 400,000 persons over the last 18 years, and has received several awards for its good governance and transparency. Bassma supports destitute families in need all over Lebanon, through the following services: - Serving daily hot meals in the Smile Resto which opens 7 days a week (4,500 hot meals per month) - Distributing weekly hot meals to sick and elderly people in their homes (500 hot meals per month) - Distributing monthly packs of food and hygiene products (1,000 packs per month) - Supporting the education of children in need through assistance in the school tuition and supplies (to 600 children per year) - Operating a Night School (to 100 children per year) - Renovating, restoring, and furnishing houses (300 houses per year, since 2008) - Organizing family activities including educational, sporting, musical and recreational outings - Helping parents seek employment through a platform that connects job seekers with potential employers - Ensuring the payment of medical and dental expenses when needed - Offering psychological counseling More information about Bassma can be found on the website: www.bassma.org




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Family Success Stories

65 Families were helped this Past Christmas thanks to the funds collected!

Basecamp Beirut distributed the following items to 65 families thanks to the funds collected on fundahope:
18 fridges • 14 ovens • 8 microwaves • 18 washing machine • 2 irons • 7 laptops • 2 tablets • 19 beds • 2 heater gas • 120 heaters • 300 blankets • 3 hoovers • 14 TVs • 25 mattresses • 2 electric oven.
Additionally, a Christmas meal was distributed to these families on Christmas eve which made these families enjoy Christmas with a smile!

20,014$ Collected for Lebanese Families Affected by the Beirut Explosion to Help Them Enjoy Christmas

Family Success Stories

600 baskets of Christmas Goodies were distributed to needy families across Lebanon!

The House of Christmas launched a fundraiser its “Sallet el Eid” project, that aimed to fill 600 baskets with Christmas goodies (cookies, Christmas decorated chocolate, buches, marzipan, kamareldine, mlabbas, nuts etc) and distribute them to families in need all over Lebanon.


The campaign was able to collect 7,320$ that were used to make Lebanese families smile this past Christmas!

7,320$ Collected by the House of Christmas to Support the Finance of their Project Sallet El Eid