160,528$ Collected by Farah Habbal for her daughter Mila an SMA patient who needs ZOLGENSMA 

60,285$ Collected by Together LiBeirut for the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind

15,624$ Collected by Meghterbin Mejtemiin for the SOLAR POWERED LEBANON initiative to help bring power to the country

103,094$ Collected by Fadi Nacouzi for baby Aline Makari to do liver transplantation as soon as possible

14,775$ Collected by Lebanese Vegans for the only animal rights and vegan support center of its kind

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Fund our upcoming collective exhibition in Beirut!
In 2020, in the context of the pandemic of covid 19, the process of selling and buying art has become immensely virtual. During this terrible year that Lebanon faced, notably after the explosion of August 4, a female artist and gallerist, Dzovig Arnelian, who was pursuing her Master’s degree in Plastic Arts has launched an innovative online platform titled “Arneli Art Gallery” in order to promote emerging Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists. The aim of Arneli Art gallery is to open a door to extremely gifted artists to be explored by art collectors and art institutions, from all over the Globe. What makes this gallery a pioneer is that it does not only help promote thought provoking artworks but, also guides fresh graduates in becoming living artists. After several successful exhibitions in Beit Misk and Zico house (Lebanon), and collaborations with Bloom Gallery (Spain) and JAALA organization (Japan) in 2021-22, Arneli Art Gallery is launching a new exhibition on April 28, 2023, at Rebirth Beirut in Gemmayze, a location nowadays known as the symbol of the Lebanese resilience. This collective exhibition will showcase the works of 14 emerging and promising artists. We are currently collecting funds and looking for support from individuals who have faith in our mission and vision to move forward with this exhibition. To implement this project an amount of 3,725$ is needed. This amount will be used for the rental of the venue and its services, artworks stretching and handling as well as a proper marketing campaign to effectively promote the exhibition. We know we have a long road ahead to reach our objective, but we have full trust that with your support we will be able to give emerging artists a chance to shine. DONATE NOW to Arneli Art Gallery team and trust that your support will make a significant impact! This exhibition will be curated by Manar Ali Hassan and advised by Mr. Elie Bourjeily. Participating artists: Aya Abu Hawash - Dzovig Arnelian – Elizabeth Hefty-Khoury - Joanna Raad - Johnny Semaan - Krikor Avessian - Lodi Sabra - Mayssa khoury - Mary Kaady - Maral Der Boghossian - Moushegh Karavartanian - Noura Bakkar - Tarek Saab - Ziad Jreige For more information, feel free to reach us out on +961 3 167589. Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arneliartgallery/ Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/arneliartgallery

$960 raised of $3,725

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Donations in LBP will show in the fundraiser goal at the official 15,000 LBP/USD exchange rate
Together We Stand for Rawdat El Fayhaa!
Dear Alumni of Rawdat El Fayhaa High School & dear friends, The promise of excellence that Rawdat El Fayhaa has constantly nurtured since its foundation in 1945 is under threat because of the violent downgrading caused by the economic crisis which is prohibiting parents to pay their children's tuition fees, discouraging teachers, and preventing the smooth operation of the school. We need your support. If you are able to give a gift and in the position to do so, we appeal to your solidarity and compassion to: 1) Help cover tuition fees for students in need 2) Contribute to the salaries of teachers and staff who are the main pillars of this institution and in whom we place our full trust. We are really counting on your support to preserve our school, Rawdat El Fayhaa, to stay the beacon of light it has always been. “Outstanding history, promising Future 1945” In case you wish to donate via wire transfer instead of credit card payment, below are the bank account information: - Bank name: FRANSABANK S.A.L - Bank address: Jemmayzat- Tripoli- LEBANON - Account holder : Rawdat El Phayhaa - IBAN US Dollars : LB24 0001 0301 USD1 5180 0586 3201 - IBAN EURO : LB95 0001 0301 EUR1 5180 0586 3201 - SWIFT CODE : FS AB LB BX We accept all modes of payment (LBP, Euro, USD fresh, Lollar) Sincerely, Rawda Alumni ____________________________________________________ Chers anciens élèves de l’école secondaire Rawdat El Fayhaa et chers amis, La promesse d'excellence que Rawdat El Fayhaa n'a cessé de nourrir depuis sa fondation en 1945 est menacée à cause du déclassement violent provoqué par la crise économique qui empêche les parents de payer les frais de scolarité de leurs enfants, et qui décourage les enseignants et entrave le bon fonctionnement de l'école. Nous avons besoin de votre soutien. Si vous souhaitez faire un don et êtes en mesure de le faire, nous faisons appel à votre solidarité et à votre compassion pour : 1) Aider à couvrir les frais de scolarité des étudiants dans le besoin 2) Contribuer aux salaires des enseignants et du personnel qui sont les principaux piliers de cette institution et en qui nous accordons toute notre confiance Nous comptons sur votre soutien pour préserver notre école, Rawdat El Fayhaa, afin qu’elle demeure l’espoir qu’elle a toujours représenté. « L’éducation au-delà du succès » Si vous souhaitez faire un don par virement bancaire au lieu d'un paiement par carte de crédit, voici les informations de compte bancaire : - Nom de la banque : FRANSABANK S.A.L - Adresse de la banque : Jemmayzat- Tripoli- LEBANON - Titulaire du compte : Rawdat El Phayhaa - IBAN Dollars US : LB24 0001 0301 USD1 5180 0586 3201 - IBAN EURO : LB95 0001 0301 EUR1 5180 0586 3201 - SWIFT CODE : FS AB LB BX Nous acceptons tous les modes de paiement (LBP, Euro, USD frais, Lollar) Sincèrement, Rawda Alumni



ائتلاف الأقضية الأربعة #شمالنا
Our Story Shamaluna (translates as ‘our North’), is an independent socio-political movement, formed by citizens from Zgharta, Bcharre, Koura and Batroun in search for a better future. “A safer and healthier Lebanon for us and future generations”. While placing the public interest as a basic principle for practicing politics, away from sectarian frameworks and on the basis of equality and social justice, Shamaluna works towards building bottom-up processes in which local communities are mobilized to achieve their social, economic and political rights. In times of Democracy Fatigue, Shamaluna provides a horizontal platform for collective work and decision making: For the first time in Lebanon, Shamaluna is introducing the Primary Election concept, by which the people are provided with the opportunity to choose the candidates that represent them in the upcoming parliamentary elections 2022. Why Support Us While Shamaluna is a volunteer-led initiative, our establishment is expanding as the parliamentary election approaches, which requires that the team fully dedicates itself to the political campaign in order to make this experience a successful one. Being financially unrestricted guarantees our sovereignty, therefore we only accept unconditional grants. We count on the financial support of caring individuals like ourselves, with clear and open agendas. People who believe that this leading project is laying the groundwork for a more prosperous future, further away from corruption and nepotism. Hoping that this initiative will be the first of many to come. من نحن؟ "شمالنا" حركة سياسية واجتماعية مستقلة، اسّسها نساء ورجال من اربع اقضية في شمال لبنان: بشري، الكورة، زغرتا والبترون، بهدف بناء مستقبل آمن ومزدهر لنا وللأجيال القادمة. بعيدا عن الأطر التقليدية والطائفية، تعمل شمالنا على وضع المصلحة العامة كمبدأ أساسي لممارسة السياسية، وتطرح نهج سياسي جديد مبني على العدالة الاجتماعية، تشارك فيه جميع فئات المجتمع في اتخاذ القرارات الضامنة لحقوقها الاجتماعية، الاقتصادية والسياسية. في خضمّ الخيبة الديمقراطية التي يعيشها اللبنانيون، تطرح "شمالنا" آلية أفقية للعمل التشاركي واتخاذ القرارات: للمرة الأولى في لبنان، تُقام انتخابات تمهيدية يُتاح فيها للمواطنين أن يختاروا المرشحين الذين سوف يمثلونهم في الانتخابات النيابية للعام ٢٠٢٢. لماذا نحتاج دعمكم؟ بالرغم من كونها مبادرة تطوعية، إلا أن مسؤوليات "شمالنا" تزداد مع اقتراب موعد الانتخابات النيابية، مما يوجب على فريق العمل الالتزام التام من أجل تحقيق الحملة الانتخابية. استقلاليتنا المادية تضمن سيادتنا، لذلك فإننا نقبل فقط الهبات والمنح الغير مشروطة، ونعتمد على الدعم المادي من أفراد يشاركوننا رؤيتنا، ويؤمنون مثلنا أن هذا الطرح الجديد يمكن أن يشكل حجر أساس لبناء وطن بعيدا عن المحسوبيات والفساد. آملين أن تكون هذه المبادرة مقدمة لمبادرات أخرى على مستوى الوطن.



Assurons l'avenir du Collège du Carmel St. Joseph!
Chères anciennes et chers anciens élèves du Carmel St. Joseph, chers étudiants et chers amis, Ces deux dernières années ont été marquées par des bouleversements et des incertitudes constants. Tous les aspects de nos vies - santé, éducation, travail - ont été bouleversés. Nous avons tous dû faire des compromis, des sacrifices et apprendre encore une fois à faire face à l'inconnu. Notre école a été confrontée à des choix douloureux et difficiles mais nous sommes restés concentrés sur notre mission permettant au CSJ d’être un havre de paix et de stabilité pour de nombreux étudiants et familles. La crise au Liban provoque un phénomène de déclassement violent de grande ampleur, amenant de nombreuses familles à ne plus avoir la capacité de régler la scolarité de leurs enfants. Cependant l’une des constantes de notre établissement a toujours été, et demeure, l’inclusion, la diversité et le brassage sociale. Notre école, ou dois-je dire notre famille, compte aujourd'hui environ +700 élèves et +140 entre corps enseignant et personnels administratifs offrant une éducation de qualité et des emplois dignes. Afin de nous permettre de garder nos portes ouvertes, nous avons mis en place un fonds de solidarité destiné à répondre aux besoins de fonctionnement de l'école et faire face à des charges d’exploitation qui augmentent significativement avec l’inflation locale et mondiale, à alléger le poids de certains parents pour payer les scolarités de familles en difficulté et à respecter notre engagement envers nos enseignants en les aidant à maintenir un niveau de vie décent. Si vous n'avez pas encore contribué et que vous êtes en mesure de le faire, nous faisons appel à votre solidarité pour poursuivre ensemble notre mission éducative, pour: 1) aider à couvrir les frais de scolarité des élèves qui en ont besoin, 2) contribuer aux salaires des enseignants et du personnel qui sont les principaux piliers de cette institution et à qui nous accordons notre totale confiance, et 3) contribuer aux coûts opérationnels de l'école qui augmentent étant dollarisés. Nous comptons sur votre soutien pour que le Collège du Carmel St. Joseph reste au service de la société et des générations actuelles, comme il l’a été pour tant de générations passées. "Le plus petit acte vaut mieux que la plus grande intention" Nos anciens élèves sont des acteurs, bien préparés par la vie à faire une différence. Si vous souhaitez faire un don par virement bancaire plutôt que par carte de crédit, vous trouverez ci-dessous les informations relatives à notre compte bancaire en signalant la référence « Carmel Solidarité » : Nous acceptons tous les modes de paiements (LBP, Euro, USD fresh, Lollar) - Nom de la banque : Banque BEMO sal. - Adresse de la banque : Succursale Gemayzeh, Beyrouth - LIBAN - Titulaire du compte : Congrégation du Carmel Saint Joseph - IBAN Dollars US : LB16 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1USD - IBAN EURO : LB66 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1EUR - IBAN LBP : LB63 0093 0000 0004 0080 8366 1LBP - SWIFT CODE : EUMOLBBE Sr. Mariam an Nour Directrice de l'école _____________________________________________ This year has been one of constant upheaval and uncertainty. Every aspect of our lives – health, school, work, travel – has been upended. We’ve all had to compromise, sacrifice, and learn once again to deal with the unknown. Our school has been confronted with some painfully difficult choices, nevertheless we remained focused on our mission to enable CSJ to be a haven of peace and stability for many students and families. Indeed, the crisis in Lebanon is causing a large-scale violent deprivation, affecting the ability of many families to pay for their childrens’ education. However, one of the constants of our school has always been, and remains the inclusion, diversity and social mix. Our school, our family, counts today 700+ students and 140+ teaching and administrative staff, providing quality education and dignified employment. To be able to keep our doors open, we have established a solidarity fund dedicated to meet the needs of the school’s operations and cover the operating expenses which are increasing with local and global inflation, to ease the burden on some parents to pay for the schooling of families in difficulty and to keep our commitment towards our teachers and help them sustain a decent livelihood. If you have not yet made a gift and are in a position to do so, we appeal to your solidarity to pursue together our educational mission, to : 1) support in covering the tuition fees of students in need, 2) contribute to the salaries of the teachers and staff who are the main pillars of this institution and whom we trust with the dearest to our hearts, and 3) cover the dollarized operational costs of the school which are increasing. We count on your support to give back and ensure that the Carmel St. Joseph remains at the service of society and present generations, as it has been for the many past generations. “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention” Our alumni are doers of deeds, well prepared by life to make a difference. In case you wish to donate via wire transfer instead of credit card payment, below is our bank account information by indicating “Carmel solidarité”: We accept all modes of payment (LBP, Euro, USD fresh, Lollar) - Bank name: Banque BEMO sal. - Bank address: Gemayzeh Branch, Beirut - LEBANON - Account holder : Congregation of the Carmel Saint Joseph - IBAN US Dollars: LB16 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1USD - IBAN EURO: LB66 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1EUR - IBAN LBP: LB63 0093 0000 0004 0080 8366 1LBP - SWIFT CODE: EUMOLBBE Sr. Mariam an Nour School Principal



The Third Voice for Lebanon
The Third Voice for Lebanon in partnership with Street and Independent Engineers and Architects (IEA), are working on a developmental neighborhood project which is called مشروع حي (Project Neighborhood and dually translated to Project Living in english). The Harvest Box, our other initiative continues to bear fruit and ripen! In partnership with Street and Lebanese Food bank, we have taken the campaign national! Not only by providing small to medium scale farmers with plants during this economic crisis, but in addition the farmers themselves are continuing the cycle of social responsibility and providing a portion of their yields to underprivledged families in need of assistance! Our initiatives confronts the crisis and the ineptness of the ruling class, as they are grassroots developmental/interactive/social projects that focus on neighborhoods and the individuals through enhancing and beautifying the spaces they closely interact with, while raising awareness about sustainability and safety through workshops. By doing so, we hope to be building a culture of responsible citizenship for the young generations living in the benefiting neighbourhoods. Mashrou' Hay also aims to establish communal and roof gardens  (urban agriculture) to further introduce independence, rain water retention, well being of the inhabitants, and several other sub advantages. As neighbors and their children interact and collaborate throughout neighborhoods, they in turn  build relationships with each other and public places further benefiting from them culturally and societally. Our aim is to strengthen the culture of the individual and social responsibility which in return will positively impact towards a healthier society.



The House of Christmas
The House of Christmas NGO – Overview Brief: The House of Christmas (‘HOC’) was set up by a group of Lebanese professionals living locally and globally to support families living in financial distress across Lebanon, in their various needs: food and basic needs, decent livelihood, housing, medical services, education and legal support. Our first fundraising event was held in December 2017 at the House which turned, for a day, into a proper Christmas market with gifts, kid’s activities, a food court, and a proper spirit of charity, solidarity and compassion to help alleviate the pain, inequality and poverty in Lebanon. Since then, HOC organized several fundraising initiatives; and our network of families has grown exponentially. HOC operates solely on a voluntary basis and is run by a team of dedicated individuals with similar values and common purpose. Mission Statement - Reaching out to families in need across Lebanon to help them regain their dignity and achieve sustainability in their lives. - Providing targeted support to stabilize and strengthen livelihoods Vision Supporting, inspiring, and rebuilding our Lebanese community, family by family. Latest interventions: Following the August 4th blast, HOC is leading the Livelihood interventions within the togetherliBeirut campaign by supporting small businesses in a targeted and sustainable way and by restoring heritage buildings housing vulnerable families and local businesses. www.togetherlibeirut.org




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Help The Unbreakable attend the World Championship!

Thanks to fundahope, Shiva "the unbreakable" Karout, a professional Lebanese powerlifter with many international championships under his belt, represented Lebanon in the IPF World Powerlifting Championship in Minsk (Belarus) the past September.

The campaign was able to collect 3,450$!

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Baby Aline Makari Will Be Able Now To Do Her Liver Transplantation!

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Baby Aline Makari will be able now to do her liver transplantation. Thank you for saving lives!

66,964$ Collected by Fadi Nacouzi for baby Aline Makari to do her liver transplantation as soon as possible

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The 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge!

All Lebanese and Lebanon-lovers around the world were invited to practice the sport of their choice over a minimal target of 19.8 km, lapses, summits, etc.., as the area of Beirut is 19.8 km2


The campaign was able to collect 60,285$!

60,285$ Collected by Together LiBeirut to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind and to raise funds for its ongoing work

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A New Chance in Life For Baby Mila!

fundahope delivered to Mrs. Farah Habbal the net sum of the goal achieved on fundahope, out of which 93,508$ WERE DELIVERED IN FRESH FUNDS thanks to the international donors.


Thank you for playing a role in saving Baby Mila, and giving her a new chance in life.

160,528$ Collected by Farah Habbal for her daughter Mila an SMA patient who needs ZOLGENSMA