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Support Fresh Graduates through Arneli Art Gallery
"Being an artist and pursuing my Master’s degree in Plastic Arts has given me a great insight on the challenges that artists face upon graduating. There has always been a great difficulty in knowing how to approach a gallery, to market and eventually sell an artwork. Having had the chance of working in the finest galleries of Beirut, I have decided to sum up all my experience and knowledge in this field and to contribute back to my fellow artists and showcase something exotic to the collectors. Due to the ever-growing emphases of online marketing and digital platforms in promoting not only products but even ideas, the art scene, like all other markets, has shifted in a remarkable way from actual galleries and spaces into numeric and digital forms. Thus, I have decided to create a virtual platform called “Arneli Art Gallery”, which is a tribute to my family name, to help and support emerging artists and fresh graduates and give them the chance to be explored by art collectors and art institutions, from all over the Globe. The young generation of Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists is full of talent and intellect. But unfortunately, not a lot of light is shed on them. New talents are always hesitantly embraced and invested in. Through my platform this is exactly what I aim to do. To give a chance and create an opportunity to those who have decided to dedicate their lives for Art and need this first, yet full step." Thus with your support, i would be able to turn the life of 15 artists around through implementing creative and targeted marketing strategies and make the Lebanese Art Scene fly higher than ever! Dzovig Arnelian

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Fund My Insurance Business
From a young age I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and live life on my own terms. I know that within living my life on my own terms I want to be of service to others. Hi, My name is Jean Hatoum I am 30 years old. I couldn't get a proper education, but I managed to have a Technical Degree TS3 in Computer Business & Management. Since the technical degree is not accepted in most of the companies that I applied to, my first job was a filing officer in an Insurance Company. It was tough, to say the least. There were days that I almost did not even feel like a person. Let alone a passionate and ambitious person having nothing. I did not live the regular life. I struggled a lot throughout my childhood but I knew that my life was destined for greatness and that I wasn’t going to struggle forever. I ALWAYS knew there was a reason I was working this job. Of Course at the time I was not clear on what that reason was and I was just trying to survive but now looking back I learned a lot of things. I learned the meaning of hard work, discipline, time management, and just how much service means to me. I learned that dreaming big, that was one of my strengths . My ability to find hope and positivity in darkest days was a grace. Even if any person was having a bad day I learned that I could be of service to them in some way, shape, or form and I could turn there bad day into a slightly better one. After I slowly learn the Insurance Business, I realized that It was something that I was genuinely passionate about. I was connecting with people on a regular basis, I was solving a problems and making a personal impact on clients. But I felt like I was limiting my wants to serving others. I also felt like I’m limiting myself from reaching my full potential and what I can achieve and accomplish in my life. I wanted something more. I wanted to be in this career field that allowed me to be more of myself but also allow me to actively engage and solve the problems of other people.        I worked my whole life in insurance, nothing else, and I managed to have a base of clients for multiple brokers, even though I didn't benefit from the commissions but I kept a great relation with all the clients. This business in a 6 months period of time will grow even more, and the profit from the insurance brokerage will be a base to start my own Non-Profit organization that will cover lots of areas, and with my gift of talking to others, I can manage having funds for my NGO.  Picturing this big dream in front of me, on papers, picturing all the people that will benefit, this is why I decided to become a licensed Insurance practitioner. As of right now I haven't had my license since there is an amount of money, and paper works that needs to be covered and legal fees in order to setup this business. I will say it's a little confusing trying to figure everything out, but I know that I will.. figure everything out and I can and will be successful in this business. I believe strongly in giving back, corporately and individually, to the communities we live in and work in. I'm extremely proud of myself for investing my time, effort, energy and love for this business in helping others be insured and be available 24/7 for them in their inquiries. And by starting my own company and put all my efforts in growing it, this will help me secure jobs for more than 4 families. And I’m sure this number will grow. I hope that by creating this Fundahope I will be able to continue to focus on the work and being in service to others, we are only here for once, and when it's time to leave, I hope that I will be remembered in putting my life in the service for others. Thank you so much for reading this. 

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