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Beirut Coastal Cleanup Initiative
My name is GP SKAFF. I work in fabrics and my passion lies in the outdoors. I am involved in many environmental campaigns, with my most recent being the ‘Beirut Coastal Clean up’/ June 2021: The Beirut Coastal Cleanup is a grassroots movement. It started in 2021 with organized weekly meetups to pick up trash around the city. Every Saturday, a group of 20 to 30 people gather to clean up and send the trash to recycling companies. The areas covered are ramlet el bayda, rawche, manara corniche, zaytouna/biel waterfront sea side corniche, ashrafieh, tabaris, hamra, mar mikhael and more. We achieved over 100 Clean ups with 3000+ Saturday daily paid workers throughout Beirut, removed more than 400,000 Liters of trash and 5000 trash bags of glass bottles, plastic bottles/bags, paper and carton, In 2023, the plan is, with the help of more funding, to expand and cover more areas. We also want to clean the underwater seabed. With the help of our sponsors and their generous donations, a total of 9800 $ in 2021 were spent on manpower, bags, equipment and transportation. In addition to a cleaner coast and beaches, the most significant impact that we have seen is that people are littering less. They now feel a sense of responsibility when seeing fellow citizens doing the work. Help us reach our goal by investing in our environmental movement. The results are real! so you can rest assured your donation is creating a tangible impact on our planet for years to come! In 2023 our plans are: Project1: Beirut coast and city clean up Unfortunately, as per Ramco’s contract, they are not required to remove garbage from any area that is not a road and a side walk. This leaves dramatic results of uncleaned spaces such as those surrounding private properties, as well as parks, governmental and municipality land and spaces, mountains, etc. Since June 2021 a team of 20 to 30 people have been paid every Saturday wages to clean those areas. Our target is to increase the teams to 50 people (5 teams of 10), and to increase their wages to 20$ a day. Cost per day for 1 team of 10: 200$ + miscellaneous Cost per day for 5 teams of 10: 1000$ + miscellaneous Cost of 52 Saturdays with 1 team: 10,400$ + miscellaneous Cost of 52 Saturdays with 5 teams: 52000$ + miscellaneous Miscellaneous cost per Saturday : transportation 100$, equipment 50$, management ( hr & operation) Please see attached cost sheet Project 2: Beirut Underwater seabed cleanup More and more garbage and plastic end up in our sea and destroying marine fauna and marine life. Our project here is to pay 2 divers (Fouad and Zahi from Manara port, professional divers and fishermen), to clean up the seabed from Rawche to Aub and eventually expand further. And especially the Rawche caves where some seal or more live there. Main Cost is 50$ per diver per day + miscellaneous Please see attached cost sheet of this project Project 3: Rangers to clean and monitor Unfortunately, with the absence of municipality responsibility we have seen many areas where people gather daily and leave their trash. We already have 2 full time rangers that are responsible and feel the sense of ownership of the manara beach and the Aub beach. They are paid monthly to clean these beaches daily. Our target is to increase these rangers to 6 to cover Ramlet el Bayda and Ashrafieh parks 9 tabaris and saint Nicolas). Main cost is 400$ salary per month per ranger + miscellaneous. Please see attached cost sheet Social entrepreneurship goals: To help some people get a little money To clean our land and sea To decrease littering of people To decrease the plastic waste that is or will end up in our sea and harm the marine life Recycle garbage that if not removed will end up in our sea The total cost of the whole forecasted project is over 100,000$, but with any fund we receive we will do the outmost out of it. So any donation will be much appreciated. I hope to receive a positive feedback from you. With best regards GP

$200 raised of $25,000