A Warm Touch
Help us in supporting 100 families during this winter. With the winter season approaching, the residents of Lebanon are wondering what their situation will be like in the coming months, especially with the rise in fuel prices and the absence of electricity, and how they will provide means of heating, especially with an expectation of a harsh winter to hit us this year. In southern Lebanon, from its coast to its remote mountain villages, extreme cold sets in, turning the blessings of winter into a difficulty that deepens the suffering of poor families. Here comes the importance of our humanitarian work, which aims to support Lebanese, Palestinian & Syrian families in Lebanon during the winter in light of their increasing needs, limited capabilities, and lack of resources. Therefore, We, Rahma Center for Community Services ask for your support to implement this project by distributing dry food baskets, diesel fuel for heating, blankets, heaters, and woolen clothing sets for children. Lebanon Recent Statistics: • The inflation rate in Lebanon has increased to 268.78%, and the rise in high prices has reached food prices, with the inflation rate reaching 349.98%. • Poverty has dominated 80% of Lebanon’s population, 4 years after it entered a wave of multifaceted crises. • 56% of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are unemployed, and Lebanese law prevents Palestinians from working in more than 90 professions in Lebanon. • The Lebanese currency lost more than 95% of its value during the economic crisis. • Meteorologist Father Elie Khneisser revealed that the winter of 2024 will be the harshest in a hundred years. Targeted Group & Total cost: Lebanese, Syrian & Palestinian refugees (in south of Lebanon); Heaters, Food parcels, blankets, diesel (fuel), blankets, scarfs, winter hats, gloves, socks. 100 families (500 people) beneficiaries for a total cost of 13,578$ We thank you very much and hope to receive your support soon, Rahma Center for Community Services - Lebanon Visit our Website: https://rahmacenter-lb.org/home?lang=en

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