Please Help Save Mona's Life from Cancer
Mona Hayek Freiha, a 67 years old woman, my grandmother, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while having an Endoscopy (a procedure used to look inside the body)at LAU Medical Center Rizk. The patient is required to receive 6 cycles of chemotherapy as a first step. The ministry of Health in Lebanon as you all know isn’t financing cancer treatments and medications anymore so the family will be taking account of the treatment which is severely hard due to the current situation. Her husband is ill, bound into a oxygen machine in bed all the time which leaves the family with very limited resources, unable to cover the cost of the treatment. The goal is to reach 40,000 $ to be able to pay for the 6 cycles of chemotherapy, the previous operation done, and the upcoming cancer operation and chemotherapy treatment. Knowing that any delay in continuing the treatment will put her life at risk, that’s why we are referring to Crowdfunding as our last hope for saving her life. We count on your solidarity as every contribution from you can make a difference. Details about the session’s expanses are listed below, and for any further information, you can contact the patient’s son: Wissam Hayek: +9613002320. Moreover, You can find attached receipts, dr. prescriptions, IRM and CT scan results along with other proofs. 6 Cycles of Chemotherapy are required TILL NOW (2 cycles per month) Average Price per Cycle 1635 $ Details of each Cycle: -Blood test before cycle 50$ -3 days/2 nights stay at hospital + Hospital service + dr. fees 600$ -Treatment medication at Hospital 645 $ (Leucovorin 180$ / Oxaliplatin 200$ / 5FU 20$ / Campto 245$) -Home Treatment Medication 140$ -After Cycle blood test 50$ When HGB g/100ml is below the average, 2 units of blood at hospital are needed 300$. CT Scan Pre-Operation 145$ Endoscopy at LAU Medical Center Rizk 3838$ 7253 $ were paid on credit, as a debt, and the patient still have 4 cycles to go with a CT Scan at the end of the 6 cycles. The 4 remaining cycles with the CT Scan cost in total 6685 $ (4x1635$ + 145$) Our goal is to reach 40,000$ to pay the previous costs on credit and to be able to pay for the upcoming cycles and CT Scan along with the operation and the upcoming chemotherapy sessions. The Operation and Biopsy were done at LAU Medical Center Rizk supervised by Dr. Riad Azar +96171005525 The CT Scan and PET Scan were done at Hôpital Notre Dame des Secours CHU-NDS The Chemotherapy took place at Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui supervised by Dr. Maroun Sadek +96171913229 before being moved to Hospital Maritime Jbeil since the ministry of Health are not gonna handle any fees or provide any medication.

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