Aid for my hard-working and kind mother
Hello, the purpose of this fundraiser is that my family and I at the point of going homeless. To start off our family is dysfunctional and completely off in their own environment. But the sides that impacted is my mother and I. I am a student that about to go to college and trying to work to get paid and pay for my colleges. However this isn't the purpose of the fundraiser, it is about my mother. She is a very kind and a hard-working mom who would put anything to make something, but for several years she has been spiraling down-hill. She a divorced mother but still living with the ex(my father) because to keep my brother and I safe. She had been framed cause her to be fired in 2020, in 2021 she was most of the year unemployed but tried to work with a partner in work to make end meat, however in 2022 that partner back stabbed her and drained her financially, emotionally and psychologically. And at the point of stalking(still is).in 2023 she lost everything, her father was the last person that was close to and passed away, her siblings had turned against, one even gay opting to her crazy ex work partner, she has gone into series of depression and had attempts of suicide. She had sold all her jewelries that was inheritance but due the the problems of our country and the inflation increasing rapidly fast she is in constant panics and depression. I have tried to give her some of money but is isn't enough all she wants to start work on her own and get back on her feet but everything seem to break down everywhere ,phone cars ,loans to work and not even my father is being decent into helping. I hope this fundraiser will reach the goal and give help to my mother that really needs to escape this rabbit-hole of problems.

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