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Light up the streets of Douma- ضووا شوارع دوما
Following the initiative of Inara Douma, in cooperation with the local community and Douma Municipality; Digne-Les-Bains- Douma Twinning Association is launching a fundraising campaign to light up the streets of Douma. The campaign focuses on providing special LED lamps to households, allowing residents to connect these lamps to their solar powered houses and illuminate the surrounding streets, or to provide solar-powered lamps in areas with limited access to electricity. Due to the extended power outage, the streets of Douma have been in the dark for a few years now, which makes it difficult for people and businesses to carry out their daily activities after sunset. As we all know, access to electricity is essential for the growth and development of any community. Additionally, with well lighten streets, we can reduce the risk of accidents and improve the security of the neighborhoods. Last but not least, the summer season is approaching, lightening the streets will also help in boosting the tourism and the economy, giving back to Douma the reputation that it always held, a pioneer in the community work and one of the most beautiful villages in Lebanon. Hand in hand, our beloved village Douma is coming back to light with clean, green, renewable energy. Thank you in advance for your contribution and for any more information about this campaign, please contact Zeina Sawaya ( [email protected]).

$918 raised of $5,000