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Voice for the Voiceless
For more information, please contact me: +961 76447506 Gender hierarchy in Lebanon silences women and prevents them from identifying their rights and expressing their dignity. The reality is that marginalized genders, specifically anyone who identifies as a woman, are exposed to various forms of violence which affect their physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health! Not only that, but are also fundamentally believed that they are inferior. Yet, they still remain silent! Furthermore, some survivors choose to stay silent and refuse legal services in order to preserve their homes, their children and their dignity, or because they fear socio-economic, cultural, familial, sexual, verbal, psychological, or physical consequences. And even if they tried speaking up, they will often be the ones to be blamed: "Aya se3a kenit barrat l beit, kenit sekrane, kenit lebse asir..." This sheds light on the unreliability of the ISF and their lack of providing a secure environment for women residing in Lebanon to confide in. That is because the laws do not recognize domestic violence as a crime; therefore, they economically and psychologically undermine women that attempt to leave the household. For this reason, we aim to provide a voice for the voiceless! We believe that silence against violence is suffocating! For this reason, we believe that women should be empowered and learn the importance of self-love and self-acceptance to be able to recover from violence and trauma! By creating a safe space for women through the implementation of our project, the dedication of legal institutions to solve their cases, and the coordination with existing NGOs and activists, we hope to provide them with the tools and strength needed to keep violence away! We refuse women to become victims of violence!

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