The Gift of Sound - Empowering Nancy to Hear Again
This is a heartfelt plea for support. My beloved cousin, Nancy, has been grappling with hearing issues since her childhood. Her world was forever transformed when her devoted parents managed to raise the necessary funds for her life-changing cochlear implant surgery. The joy she felt upon hearing everyone's voices and the miraculous ability to learn how to speak ignited a fire within her. However, fate has dealt Nancy an unfortunate blow. After more than 15 years of embracing the beauty of sound, the device in her head has ceased to function, necessitating its removal to prevent any potential harm. Once again, Nancy finds herself robbed of the gift of hearing that so positively impacted her daily life and allowed her to pursue her dreams. Compounded by the challenging situation and struggling economy in Lebanon, and with her father working abroad to secure a better future for his family, Nancy's family finds themselves in an impossible predicament. The burden of funding this critical surgery alone is insurmountable, and they are in desperate need of our collective support. We turn to you, our compassionate community, with hope in our hearts. Your contributions, no matter the size, can make an enormous difference. Together, we can restore Nancy's hearing and offer her the chance to once again experience the symphony of life. Your generosity will not only bring joy to her world but will also empower her to pursue her dreams and navigate her professional aspirations. I implore you, please open your hearts and wallets, and donate what you can to help us reach our goal. Let us stand together, hand in hand, and bring the sweet melodies back into Nancy's life. Your support will resonate far beyond this campaign, as it will remind Nancy and her family that kindness and humanity still prevail. Join us in this noble endeavor to restore Nancy's hearing and provide her with the chance to thrive once more. Your donation, your act of empathy, will create ripples of positivity that will echo through her life and ours. Together, we can make a difference. Please donate generously and help us bring back the gift of sound to Nancy's world once again.

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Light up the streets of Douma- ضووا شوارع دوما
Following the initiative of Inara Douma, in cooperation with the local community and Douma Municipality; Digne-Les-Bains- Douma Twinning Association is launching a fundraising campaign to light up the streets of Douma. The campaign focuses on providing special LED lamps to households, allowing residents to connect these lamps to their solar powered houses and illuminate the surrounding streets, or to provide solar-powered lamps in areas with limited access to electricity. Due to the extended power outage, the streets of Douma have been in the dark for a few years now, which makes it difficult for people and businesses to carry out their daily activities after sunset. As we all know, access to electricity is essential for the growth and development of any community. Additionally, with well lighten streets, we can reduce the risk of accidents and improve the security of the neighborhoods. Last but not least, the summer season is approaching, lightening the streets will also help in boosting the tourism and the economy, giving back to Douma the reputation that it always held, a pioneer in the community work and one of the most beautiful villages in Lebanon. Hand in hand, our beloved village Douma is coming back to light with clean, green, renewable energy. Thank you in advance for your contribution and for any more information about this campaign, please contact Zeina Sawaya ( [email protected]).

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Urgent surgery
In need for a financial support urgently. My dog: blu is a family friendly dog that lives with us . She's two years old we adopted it when she was 2 months old . We are very attached to her . Last Thursday on 18 may 2023 she started vomiting and couldn't eat or drink anything. I talked to the vet immediately he told me to give her motilium and nexium so i did so for 2 days. Sunday morning 5am i waked up on her voice falling down and took her directly to the emergency . The dr gave her the needed treatments ( vitamins-minerals) but sadly she didn't got any better. On Monday morning they did for her an echo and found that she needs a very urgent surgery to cut a part of her intestine since they found plastics inside . During the surgery the dr called me again telling me that she needs another surgery that will cost me another 500$ since there are more plastics in her stomach and needs a specific dr for this surgery . The operations took 6 hrs to be done , and now we're on Wednesday 24 may 2023 and she's still in the hospital for treatments . They told us that she needs extra care that will cost us 50$ per day and needs a light food. Overall, the first operation costed us 500$(fresh) the second also 500$ (fresh)the echo 50$ (fresh )the treatment and the vitamins at the beginning also 100$ (fresh)and every blood test 50$(fresh). That's beside every night spent in the hospital that costs 50$(fresh) per night! And she's still there I don't know till when! I don't work , i still didn't paid the bills, i 'm in need for a financial support to cover the hospital bill. I live in jbeil and there's no other hospital then "health pet hospital " For more info you can call the vet directly and ask . Blu needs your help urgently !

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